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BeBox Serial Number PPC960402211

Joseph Palmer

Front of BeBox

This is my BeBox, signed by all of the employees! It was presented to me on may last day at Be.

Back of BeBox

My favorite side of the computer! There are 26 IO connectors, plus two power connectors.

Top of BeBox

Top (This is where JLG signed)

Right side of BeBox

Right Side

left side of BeBox

Left Side

insides of BeBox

The insides

BeBox lights board

Das Blinken Lights

BeBox lights board

The Serial Number

FCC Testing

BeBox at FCC test lab

The BeBox at the FCC test lab

BeBox at FCC test lab

That's 29 cables! (every plug on the unit must have a working device attatched, so we even had headphones plugged into the jack on the CD player!

BeBox at FCC test lab

We even had to buy two Midi boxes, and a printer, just for testing!

BeBox at FCC test lab

Here's a close up.

The BeBox that never was...

No, this is not a quad 604 BeBox

No, This is not really a quad 604 BeBox, It's just a really good Photoshop mock-up.

Oh, by the way, the chip covered in copper tape in the upper left corner is "Shampoo", and the twin chips below are her helpfull cousins "Lin-Lin" and "Ran-Ran"

No, this is not a quad 604 BeBox

No comment

No, this is not a quad 604 BeBox

You didn't see this!

No, this is not a quad 604 BeBox

Or this.

Joseph Palmer in front of the Plat-Home store

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BeBox seen in Katsura, Japan

BeBox seen in back of pickup truck in in Katsura, Japan

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