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    I went through a couple of my hit logs and extracted the 'http-referer' to find out where people come from when they come to my web site.

    It's mostly right, but sometimes the browser hides the link page so the hit counts aren't always perfect, but you can see which pages folks use to find their way here. (So if your link list isn't listed, drop me a line and I'll add your page.) Note: I've deleted the local links (From within my own site) and the search engine entries, and links for non-Ranma content.

    Many of the sites are marked as "Links with Comments". These pages are a great resource to find stories that others have read and enjoyed.

Hits to the Home Page

Count Page Name Content Web URL
2755 The Anipike Links
603 Greg Sandborn Links with comments
129 TAP Links with comments
128 Bahamut Link List
108 Krista Perry Links with comments
99 Dkun's Trip to Jusenkyo Links with comments
80 Rui's Anime Fan Fiction... Link List
70 Dreamspinner's Fanfic Domain Links with comments
45 Azhrael's Domain Links with Comments
40 Bridget & Jamie's Fanfics and Food Link List
37 The Anime Surf Zone Link List
37 TAP Link List
35 Florencio's Fan Fiction Pages Link List
29 Masato's Anime-Manga Launchbase Link List
18 Krista's old page? Links with Comments
15 Fanfiction Page Link List
14 Taleswapper Reviews!
13 Kaya-Chan and Harper Fanfics Links with comments
16 Rob's Favorite Ranma ½ Fanfics Links with comments
12 Anime Fanfiction On the Net Links and Commentary
12 Masato's Anime-Manga Launchbase Link List
12 "Ranma" (Australia) Link List
12 Matthew L. Smith Link List
11 Jim Kahle Link List
10 Suds-kun's Links Page Link List
10 Laura Smith Links with Comments
10 JSL Links with Comments
8 "Hope you like to read" Links with Comments
8 Michelle Links with Comments
7 Kwang-Ee Quek Link List
7 Ardith'e Anime Homepage Link List
6 Seth Link List
5 OtakuWorld Database
5 Anime Pit Stop Search
5 ESLF Link List
5 Eternal Lost World Link List
5 RAY'S ROOM OF JUNK!! Links with Comments
5 Nihongo Bookmarks Link List
5 Ifni no Miko Link List
4 Julians Collection Link List
4 Masato´s Link List
4 Comic City Series Links
4 Rob's Favorite Ranma ½ Fanfics Links with comments
4 RAY'S ROOM OF JUNK!! Links with comments
4 Kimagure Productions Link List
4 Cute and Funny Fics... Link List
4 Konfucius' Best of Ranma 1/2... Link List
4 "Catman" Pages That I Have Enjoyed Link List
2 FFML Reading Room (Korea) Links with Comments

Hits to the Fanfic Page

481 Ashfae's Ranma 1/2 Page Links with Comments
431 Romancing the Tendous Links with Comments
366 Remi's Favorite Links Links with Comments
339 DnR Authors' Pics Link List
173 Taleswapper Reviews
167 Asayagore Links and Reviews
124 Red Death Links and Synopsis
110 Nerdboy @ home Links and Comments
51 Pia Oo-yo-ah Links and Comments
50 Ranma Fan Fiction Links Link List
38 BellChan Links and Comments
19 FFML Authors Link List
16 Ranma Fics Link List
14 Angel's Links Links and Comments
14 Lawrence's Webpage Link List
13 icezer230 Links and Comments
12 Brian's Delusions Link List
12 Database
10 Steven Anthony Uy Links and Comments
10 Rui's list Link List
9 Anime Links Links and Comments
9 The Older Links Links and Comments
7 Akira's Photo Site Link List
7 A long strange webpage Links and Comments
6 Fanfics Links and Comments
6 Favorite Websites Link List
5 Kuonji Jaima Links and Comments
5 Blade's Site Link List
5 N.A.S.H.'s Mini Anime Turnpike Link List
5 Fanfics Link List (Nice animated giff ^_^;
4 Blair's Links Link List
3 TowerLink List
3 Guillermo Riquelme Valenzuela Spanish Translations!
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