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My Favorite Stories

By Joseph Palmer

    I'm very picky about fanfictions that I read for my own enjoyment. The thing that draws me to a any story is the interaction of the characters, and the thing that draws me to a particular Fanfiction is when the author explores those characters in a way that paradoxically enlarges them, while remaining true to the nature of the original series.

    The first of the stories I'm featuring is Nabiki - New Horizons by Greg Sandborn. This ongoing serial drew me in from the first chapter with terrific depictions of real life in Japan. Sandborn-san has really done his cultural research, and has woven it into an engaging story.

    If you're looking for a good read, check out Nabiki - New Horizons. Read Chapter 1, I guarantee you'll like it, or double your money back!

    Update I really don't know much about Robotech, but I'm really enjoying the Fox Squadron story.

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