Nerima Shopping Street

Welcome to Nerima

The real home of Ranma and Akane.
This is the view of the entry to the shopping street,
The Japan Rail tracks are about 50 meters to your right,
and 10 meters up.

Ranma and Akane would have been about here when the train
stopped in "Black".

Narrow Street

Shopping Street

I took this picture to show the "Yucky can things" that
Kasumi worries about in "Black". The green sign on the
far right is in the doorway of a sundaries shop like
the one in "Yuuki"

Driving Range

Driving Range

Perched on the highest point of Nerima, this range stands
out for miles around. A fine place to watch comets.


The Canal

Yes, there is a drainage canal in Nerima, it's the only
one though, but it doesn't look much like the ones in
the series. I did see canals in Yokohama from the train
that look just like the ones used in the series.



Sorry, this really isn't in Nerima, but I don't got a better
place to put it. (yet)

Yes, that's me standing in front of the Plat-Home store
in Tokyo's famous Akihabura Electronics district.
The advertisment is for the BeBox, the computer I designed.

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