Ninja no Himitsu
Part 2

[ A Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ]

Ninja no Himitsu
(The Ninja's secret)
Part 2

Based on characters created by Takahashi Romiko
Written by Joseph Palmer
Inspiration by Nikki Kim

[Credits Sequence]
(Throughout this sequnce, no actual voices are heard, the sound track is
only the background music and occasional foley from the train. --J)

SFX: Rail car wheels passing over rail breaks and crossings (Clickity Clack..)
Rhythm desolves to percusion track for OAV theme music
BGM: OAV Theme music

POV from outside of car looking in through windows.
        RANMA, AKANE, NABIKI, KASUMI, and HAPPOSAI are seen in pantomime,
        they are in animated disscussion, but only the BGM music is heard.
        The car is crowded with other passengers.

Credit Overlay:
                RANMA 1/2
                Ninja no Himitsu  (The ninjas secret)

POV Inside crowded rail car other passengers occasionaly block parts of the

        AKANE excitedly shows RANMA a recipe from the book, he looks at it and
        makes an apperently disparaging remark, Akane begins to shout at

        Train stops, several people leave the car in a hurry.

Credit Overlay:
                Created by Takahashi Rumiko

POV Inside rail car
        HAPPOSAI is reading his book intently. Next to him is a shaply pair of
        legs in a skirt.

POV from Station as cars come to stop with a jerk.
        A muffled womans scream followed by the woman stomping. The doors
        open and she stomps out of the car, obscuring the screen for  moment,
        as she leaves HAPPOSAI is reveiled as a battered mess on the floor
        of the car. Others step over him and rush away out of the car. The doors
        close  and the train leaves the station.

Credit Overlay:
                Directed By (TBD)

POV inside rail car.
        RANMA and AKANE are seated next to each other with thier arms
        crossed. They are looking away from each other.
        NABIKI and KASUMI sit next to them.
        NABIKI asks AKANE something, she answers and puts her nose in the air.
        RANMA makes a comment and they turn to continue an argument with
        each other.
        KASUMI makes a comment to NABIKI who responds as if KASUMI was really
        more at a loss than ususal.

Credit Overlay
                Story: J. Palmer
                (Hey.. this is my idea anyway ---J.)



TRAIN STATION The train stops and the gang exits the car, HAPPOSAI is still reading the book, followed by KASUMI and NABIKI who are chatting, followed by AKANE and RANMA who have ceased hostilities. The doors close and the train leaves. The gangs car is empty, all of the other cars are seen to be packed. STREET SCENE The gang walks away, AKANE is being coy with RANMA who is walking with his hands behind his head. [End opening credits, end credits theme] TENDOU LIVING ROOM: SOUN AND THE PANDA are playing their usual game. NABIKI is laying on the floor eating a rice cracker and reading a Manga in front of the T.V. Her knees are bent and crossed at the ankles. Her feet are rocking back and forth. KASUMI is pouring tea for everyone. AKANE AND RANMA are at the table. Akane is doing her homework and Ranma is reading a Manga. HAPPOSAI is smoking his pipe and reading the ancient book. CLOSE UP OF BOOK The Secrets of the Ninja BOOK (Overdub Voice) The ninja used the formula of exchange to switch bodies with other people. They could then take the others place to learn their secrets or to perform deeds as the other person. HAPPOSAI looks up at the Panada. HAPPOSAI Hmm... FX: spin and fade to.. BALCONY EXTERIOR: LADIES UNMENTIONABLES drying in the soft evening breeze. PANDA Appears with classic Japanese burgler mask covering his nose. Holds up sign. SIGN: "Oh! SWEET-O" FX: fog disolve push to.. HAPPOSAI'S ROOM PANDA playing with panties on his head (They pop off) FX: fog disolve pop to.. BALCONY PANDA Attempts to climb to the balcony but is caught in a small gap between two fence posts. YOUNG WOMAN Approaches with a very very large wood sledge hammer FX: Fades to TENDOU LIVING ROOM HAPPOSAI Closes his eyes and shakes his head. looks at Ranma HAPPOSAI Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... FX: Fade to... BALCONY: RANMA Wearing traditional mask, rescues "lost" underthings FX: Left flip to... CLASSROOM: RANMA Sitting in school for hours and hours. FX: clocks overlay on Ranma in school, time slows CLOCK SFXTick,Tick,,Tick,,,Tick (Stops) FX: Spin and Fade to... A CITY PARK: RANMA in burgler mask is running through the park YOUNG WOMEN: A large group carring brooms and mops are chasing him Young Women PERVERT! DEVIEANT! STOP! HAPPOSAI ( in Ranma's body and voice) Honerable Ladies! I am but protecting them from the prying eyes of DEVIANTS! I will see that they are well taken care of! POV: HAPPOSAI's (Ranma's) veiw of his feet Running, A step appears HAPPOSAI (In Ranma's body) Trips on step of the fountain. Does multible flips in the air and ends up upside down 20 CM above the surface of the water. Pauses in mid air... HAPPOSAI (In Ranma's body and voice) Kuso. Not again. HAPPOSAI (Ranma) Falls into the fountain. A large splash emerges. HAPPOSAI (Ranma-chan) Emerges from pool shaking her head (Still wearing the mask) FX: Zoom in to RANMA-CHANS CHEST FX: CUT TO TENDOU LIVING ROOM: HAPPOSAI: with HUGE watery Cute eyes. FX: Dreamy disolve to HAPPOSAI'S ROOM RANMA-CHAN: Is dressed in a particularly fancy set of underwear posing in front of several mirrors set in a circle. Every view is revieled in the mirrors. HAPPOSAI (Ranma-Chan's Voice) OH! SWEET-O! TENDOU LIVING ROOM: HAPPOSAI Looks up from book, Jumps up HAPPOSI Soun! Genma! everyone! I am not to be disturbed! HAPPOSAI: Runs out with book HAPPOSAI'S BEDROOM LABORATORY BGM: Heavy sinister stuff HAPPOSAI: Carefully measuring chemicals, Close up of book open to page 660 (Unrelated esoteric reference --J.) POV:VIEW FROM INSIDE CABINET A small clear glass bottle contains several seeds. HAPPOSAI's hand picks bottle off shelf HAPPOSAI'S BEDROOM LABORATORY: HAPPOSAI Opens the bottle, shakes one seed out into his hand Returns bottle to shelf CLOSE UP OF TEST TUBE: Tube contains 2" of a light green liquid. HAPPOSAI drops seed into liquid. Seed foams and disolves. Liquid turns light blue HAPPOSAI YA-TA! Wa ha ha ha LIQUID begins to bubble HAPPOSAI Wha? Oh-Oh. HAPPOSAI: Large drops of sweat appear on forehead MEDIUM SHOT OF HAPPOSAI: Test tube explodes leaving Happosai a blackened mess FX: Disolve to HAPPOSAI: Reading Book again, Muttering FX: Disolve to HAPPOSAI: Carefully measuring chemicals FX: Disolve to: HAPPOSAI: Droping Seed into test tube FX: Disolve to EXTERIOR LONG SHOT OF TENDOU DOJO: Moon rising on horizon. A Bright light eminates from HAPPOSAI's window A Large explosion follows. Dogs Barking FX: Disolve to Moon Directly overhead: Large explosion, Dogs Barking FX: Disolve to Moon on other horizon: Large explosion, Dogs Barking FX: Disolve to SUNRISE OVER TENDOU DOJO Chirping Birds, Large explosion, Dogs Barking HALLWAY OUTSIDE HAPPOSAI'S ROOM KASUMI Holding a breakfast tray is looking wistfully at the door. She looks very sleepy. SOUN Approaches SOUN It would be best to not disturb him, even for breakfast. KASUMI Hmm. BEDROOM LABORATORY HAPPOSAI: Looks worse for wear Opens bottle, pours out 3 remaining seeds into his hand. Returns 2 to bottle. Returns bottle to shelf. Drops one into test tube in rack on bench (Rack has seen far better days). Runs to corner and hides CLOSE UP OF TEST TUBE HAPPOSAI (out of focus in background) seed glows red, then disolves. All that remains is a clear blue liquid FX Focus to Happosai HAPPOSAI Jumps up and examines test tube. HAPPOSAI Wa ha ha ha ha. It worked! I got it! BACKYARD OF THE DOJO RANMA and GENMA: Are outside practicing a few moves KASUMI, NABIKI, AKANE and SOUN Are having breakfast The girls are talking, (unintelegible) HAPPOSAI's BEDROOM LABRATORY Close up of test tube rack 3 Test tubes are filled with Light blue liquid. Each has a small cork in the top. HAPPOSAI Now, the next part of my plan! BACKYARD OF THE DOJO RANMA and GENMA: Are battling NABIKI and AKANE: Are sitting on the steps watching Ryoga: Is watching from a rock at the edge of the pond. GENMA Now Ranma, I will show you the mongoose snake attack Stand here before me Spread your feet apart Now weave back and forth like this GENMA weaves GENMA You must look into your opponent's eyes. You must give no clue to your opponent as to when you will attack RANMA: weaves in time to Genma RANMA-KUN I'm ready, old man. KASUMI: Enters with towels KASUMI NABIKI, the bath is ready NABIKI O.K., um Akane, do you want to go first? AKANE Mmm. TENDOU BATH HAPPOSAI: Pours one tube of the potion into the bathtub. HAPPOSAI Wa-ha ha ha ha Now to push Ranma into the pond so she will require this bath. HAPPOSAI: leaves AKANE: enters bath an begins to get ready to enter the tub. BACKYARD OF THE DOJO: HAPPOSAI Approaches Ranma and Genma, Pauses under the bath window AKANE Humming Pop song HAPPOSAI Eh? Akane-chuan? FX: Dream Fade to HAPPOSAI's BEDROOM AKANE: Posing in the mirror circle with even more elabarate underwear HAPPOSAI (In Akane's Body and Voice) SWEET-O!! OUTSIDE UNDER BATH WINDOW HAPPOSAI: In big watery cute eyes HAPPOSAI Oh Akane-chuwan! A most welcome change of plans! An opportunity of a lifetime! AKANE-chuan! In the Bath! BACKYARD: RANMA Looks towards the bath window RANMA-KUN Eh? what are you doing you perverted old man! GENMA RANMA pay attention! Now here's your lesson! GENMA: Swats Ranma who Flys out over the pond, pauses in mid air, plunges into the pond, Huge splash. RANMA-CHAN: Emerges sputtering. RANMA-CHAN [Cough, Hack.] WH- WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Ryoga: Jumps up Ryoga A-Akane-san! Ryoga: steps on Ranma's head on his way across the pond forcing Ranma-chan back underwater. Ryoga AKANE-san! I will protect you! Ryoga: chases after HAPPOSAI RANMA: emerging from the pond RANMA-CHAN Oi! Yaro! Just where do you think you are going? RANMA: Runs past Genma, bumping him into the air over the pond GENMA: Pauses a moment before falling in PANDA: Emerges from the pond TENDOU LAUNDRY ROOM: HAPPOSAI Enters followed closely by Ryoga & RANMA HAPPOSAI: pauses at the bath door, and turns on Ryoga and Ranma-chan. He is surrounded by blue and red flames. Ryoga: stops RANMA: Plows over Ryoga HAPPOSAI Stay away! I have something important to do! TENDOU BATH: AKANE Is in the tub humming a song. The room is filled with mist. The door slides open. AKANE Onechan, I'm in the tub now, please come back a bit later. Onechan? HAPPOSAI: Appears through the mist with HUGE CUTE EYES HAPPOSAI AKANE-chuwan! I have come to share your bath with you! AKANE KIYAAAAAA AKANE: Pulls towel into bath, covering herself. AKANE WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU PERVERT? GET OUT! RANMA: Enters, freezes. AKANE: Throws a nearby bar of soap at him, catching him square in the mouth RANMA: Spits it out. RANMA-CHAN Bleah. Hey! I didn't come in here to see your sexless body you know! AKANE: Is beginning to fume to green AKANE BOTH OF YOU, OUT! Ryoga: Enters and bops Ranma-chan and HAPPOSAI on the heads (One with each elbow). AKANE Ryoga-kun! NOT YOU TOO! Ryoga: Looks up and turns red in embarasment AKANE: is fuming to blue Ryoga A- Akane-san! AKANE Ryoga, YOU GET OUT! ALL OF YOU, OUT! NOW! Ryoga: Blushes and turns to leave but slips on... Ryoga's FOOT ON THE BAR OF SOAP Ryoga: Flips in the air ending up upside down just above the water. He pauses in the air long enough to see... AKANE: fuming orange-red in anger.
Commercial Break
OUTSIDE WINDOW OF THE TENDOU BATH: Sound of large splash. Bright flash through the window and some of the thinner areas of the wall. WINDCHIMES: Ring softly, a large cicadia begins its chirp TENDOU BATH: AKANE (In Ryoga's body) emerges from the bath in a fury. AKANE (In Ryoga's voice, and body, but using feminine speech) RANMA! I told you to get out! How dare you come in when I'm in the bath? You pervert! Why don't you just go look at yourself! RANMA-CHAN: Hands in surprise position. Stares at Akane (In Ryoga's body) AKANE (In Ryoga's body and voice) What's wrong with you? GET OUT! RANMA-CHAN: Stares at Akane (In Ryoga's body) (Hands still in surprise position) AKANE (In Ryoga's body and voice) You jerk! Pervert! Mou! AKANE (In Ryoga's voice, and body) Jumps from the tub and pulls on a big fluffy robe, slips into a pair of fluffy bunny slippers, and chases Ranma-chan out of room RANMA-CHAN KIYAAAAAA! FRONT OF TENDOU RESIDENCE RANMA-CHAN Emerges followed by AKANE (Ryoga) they race down the street RANMA-CHAN EEEYAAAAAA AKANE (In Ryoga's body and voice) YOU'D BETTER RUN! TENDOU BATH KASUMI and NABIKI enter and find Ryoga (in Akane's body) dazed in the tub. KASUMI AKANE-chan, are you all right? Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) Wa? NABIKI Ne, Akane, what happened in here? Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) I came in to.... Ryoga (in his own voice, to himself) What? Ryoga (in Akane's body): looks down at himself (Herself). Starts at his feet (which look a little too small), he works his way up to his towel covered chest which is... Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) Oh... Ryoga (in Akane's body) Passes out again KASUMI We'd better get her up to her room. NABIKI UMmm. AKANE'S BEDROOM FX: Pan past books Ryoga (in Akane's body): Is lying in the bed under the covers He opens his (her) eyes. Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) Where am I? What happened? Ryoga (in Akane's body) looks down at his shape through the covers Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) Am I still dreaming? I wonder? Ryoga (in Akane's body): Moves to the side of his head, feeling his hair, not finding the bandana. His hand moves tenatively downward, at the first indications, he blushes, withdraws his hand. Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) AKANE-san. I am a gentleman. I will respect your innocence! Ryoga (in Akane's body): Gets up and dresses with his eyes closed. (So as not to compromise his noble promise.) The clothes clearly do not match. He walks around the room. He looks at the books on the shelf. He sits at the desk. Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) I wonder where Akane is? I'd go looking but I'd only get lost... Maybe she's at a friend's house, where's her address book? Ryoga (in Akane's body): Opens the desk drawer Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) Perhaps it's in here... DRAWER: Address book with photo of Ryoga sticking halfway out the side. Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) AKANE-san! Can it be.... Can it be you keep this keepsake! FX: dreamy disolve to: DREAM SEQUENCE: Ryoga: Iin dark dream scene which bursts to a bright blue sky, fluffy clouds, cherubs wearing bandannas, and slices of spiral style fish cake. FX: Point of View rotate around Ryoga Ryoga AKANE-san! FX: dreamy resolve to: DESK DRAWER Ryoga'S Hand pulls the photo out it is revealed to be a photo of him with Ranma. Ranma is holding his fingers up in a "V". FX: Bedroom darkens, a hole in the floor appears. Ryoga Falls into the hole HOLE: Ryoga spinning & falling holding his hands over his ears Ryoga A- Akane-san! Akaneeeeee-----saaaan! FX Resolve to AKANE'S BEDROOM Ryoga (In Akane's body): sitting at the desk hands loose at his sides. A small bright ball of Ki energy appears in his left hand. His (her) shoulders shake and the light in his hand goes out. Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) RANMA. Always Ranma. That jerk doesn't deserve her. Ryoga (In Akane's body): He removes the book from the drawer. He opens the book and a pressed Rose and a little card falls out. CLOSE UP OF CARD: From Ranma from our date in the maze. Ryoga (In Akane's body) Puts the flower and card back into the book. A tear appears at the edge of his (her) eye. He pulls out a post card. CLOSE UP OF POST CARD: Photo of Panda. Ryoga (In Akane's body) flips the card CLOSE UP OF BACK OF POST CARD: "Arriving with Ranma..." Ryoga (In Akane's body) slaps down the card reaches into the drawer he (she) pulls out a photo wrapped in a yellow ribbon. CLOSE UP OF PHOTO: Akane in long hair with the yellow ribbon in place. Ryoga (In Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) AKANE Sor... I'm so sorry. Ryoga (In Akane's body): Turns over the photo and finds an inscription CLOSE UP OF PHOTO BACK: Found in Ranma's room. Ryoga (In Akane's body) puts it down and pulls out a locket on a black ribbon with "Charlotte" inscribed on it. He (she) stares at it then closes his (Her) eyes. He (she) pulls out a photo and looks at it. He (she) begins to shake in anger. CLOSE UP OF PHOTO: Ranma-cat Kissing Akane Ryoga (In Akane's body): pulls out a 3x5 file card CLOSE UP OF FILE CARD: Piece of gum tape across the top. Across the bottom is inscribed in a Akane's handwriting. " Gift from Romeo" Ryoga (In Akane's body) pulls out a yellow post it note CLOSE UP OF NOTE: Ranma & Ryoga (In Akane's body): turns it over and finds CLOSE UP OF BACK OF NOTE : From the night we spent together in my room. Ryoga (In Akane's body): Begins to shake and tears form. FX: Pan to DRAWER: Inside the drawer are: 1) An ancent acupressure chart showing the back of a man. The chart had been shredded into a number of pieces and taped back together. 2) An Ace from a deck of cards 3) A lock of very very long hair that is bound into a braid 4) A half torn ticket for the Zekkyo onsen race Ryoga (In Akane's body) Replaces the other items and closes the drawer. He lets his head down and it smacks the top of the desk. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) OW! OW! OW! OH! NO! Ryoga (In Akane's body): dabs his hands on his (her) forehead, checking for a bump Ryoga (to himself in his own voice) I'm sorry Akane! I'll take better care of you! TENDOU LIVING ROOM: SOUN and GENMA are playng their game. NABIKI is back to her manga. KASUMI is knitting something for Tofu sensi HAPPOSAI is reading his book and looking around nervously RANMA-CHAN: Enters still damp RANMA-CHAN Tadaima! (I'm home) NABIKI Where have you been Saotome? RANMA-CHAN That Ryoga. He chased me half way down town. I finaly lost him in the park. KASUMI RANMA, Akane hasn't been herself since she took her bath this morning. NABIKI I'll say, she's been talking in the third person all afternoon, and she keeps asking about Ryoga. RANMA-CHAN That Yaro! He'll be back soon enough, after all, it's almost bedtime. I'm going for a bath. RANMA-CHAN gets up to go upstairs KASUMI RANMA, please look in on Akane... RANMA-CHAN Mmmm HAI! IN FRONT OF AKANE'S DOOR RANMA-CHAN pauses, and knocks. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) Who is it? RANMA-CHAN It's me. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) Have you seen Ryoga? RANMA-CHAN: Turns and leans agains the door. RANMA-CHAN KUSO!, last time I saw that jerk he was headed for Fuji-san, wearing a bathrobe and a pair of bunny slippers. Geez! What a weirdo. Ryoga (in Akane's body): opens the door abruptly RANMA-CHAN: Spins her arms and falls to the floor on her backside. RANMA-CHAN WAaaa! E-- te te te. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) Don't you talk like that! I have to find her, er [ahem], him! RANMA-CHAN: Gets up and enters the room. AKANE'S BEDROOM RANMA-CHAN: Sits on the floor Ryoga: (in Akane's body): Sits on the edge of the bed. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) A-Akane's bed! Ryoga: (in Akane's body) blushes, then jumps up and sits in the chair. RANMA-CHAN: looks at him for a moment and shakes her head. RANMA-CHAN AKANE.... I'm sorry. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) What? RANMA-CHAN This morning, the bath. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) RANMA, I need you to help me find Ryoga! RANMA-CHAN What for? that bastard's caused me enough troubles today. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) Don't you call... Oh never mind. It's vitaly important that I see him! I must see him! RANMA-CHAN Gets up and looks out the window. RANMA-CHAN So... Is that the way it is? Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) The way what is? RANMA-CHAN You and Ryoga. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) WHAT? oh, no Ah...well... Ryoga (in Akane's body) (to himself, in his own voice) AKANE-san, we'll keep this secret from him. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) I can't tell you. RANMA-CHAN Turns and faces Ryoga RANMA-CHAN What are you saying? You and that pig-headed jerk... Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) RANMA!, You must never reveal... RANMA-CHAN gets up to leave, opens the door and stops partway through RANMA-CHAN AKANE, your secret is safe with me. Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) Eh? RANMA-CHAN I'm the last person to tell Ryoga. I'm really very good at secrets! AKANE, don't be worried, Ryoga will turn up. And anyway, P-chan should be showing up any time now. RANMA-CHAN closes the door Ryoga (in Akane's voice and body) P-CHAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! End of Part 2

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