Ninja no Himitsu
Part 3

Ninja no Himitsu
(The Ninja's Secret)

 Part 3

Based on characters created by Takahashi Rumiko
Written by Joseph Palmer
Inspiration by Nikki Kim


SFX     Birds chirping, cicadas chirping, the sound of a train.

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body) Is walking through the trees.
        She is still wearing the robe and slippers from the bath.
        She looks back and forth, searching between the trees.

                                AKANE (In Rogues voice and body)
                        (Shouting) RANMA NO BAKA!
                        RANMA, where have you gone?

                                AKANE (To herself in her own voice)
                        I'd better stop yelling, my voice is sounding funny.

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body) sits on a nearby retaining wall.

                                AKANE (To herself in her own voice)
                        I don't remember this park being so big.
                        I've been walking for hours.

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                She (he) begins to drum her fingers on the edge of the wall

        Close up of fingers:
                When her index finger hits the wall, the wall explodes.

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's voice and body)

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                flies across the sidewalk and bangs her head on the sidewalk

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's voice and body)
                        OW! OW! OW!

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                feels her forehead and finds the bandana
                pulls off the bandana and looks at it
                Another remains.

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's voice and body)

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                looks at her hands and wrist bands
                looks at her pants, opens the robe to find Ryouga's clothes

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's voice and body)
                        How did I end up in Ryouga's clothes?

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                looks under the front of the t-shirt

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's voice and body)

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                faints dead away.



SFX     A DOG BARKS (Probably Bess again)


        RYOGA (in Akane's body)
                is searching through the closet
                pulls out a jacket and puts it on
                opens the top drawer of the dresser

                Contains many of Akane's underthings

        RYOGA (in Akane's body)
                Blushes, closes his (her) eyes and slowly closes the drawer
                he (she) opens another drawer with his (her) eyes closed
                he (she) holds her breath opens one eye,
                he (she) exhales opens both eyes and pulls out a headband
                he (she) puts on the headband
                he (she) walks across the room and opens the door

                Late evening

                flickers and "binks" on.

        RYOGA (in Akane's body)
                is walking down the street, looking down each side street.

                                RYOGA (in Akane's voice and body)
                        (Calling out) Akane-San! Akane-Saaaaaan!

                Approaches from behind
                Hugs RYOGA (in Akane's body) from behind

                        Oh! Tendou Akane!
                        What fortune has crossed our paths on this evening?

                RYOGA (in Akane's body)
                Turns and bashes Kuno on the head with his (her) elbow

                Is slumped on the ground with the fingers of both hands in the
                surprise position. A huge bald lump has appeared on the top of
                his head.

                                RYOGA (in Akane's voice and body) but
                                speaking in masculine
                        Hey! What kind of a pervert are you anyway!
                        Attacking a fellow in the dark like that...
                        I ought to teach you a lesson.

                Gets up and holds out his bokken at ready

                        Finally the heavens have granted my prayers. An
                        ordinary night like this has transformed into my
                        fondest dream! 
                        A challenge!
                        Tendou Akane has at long last challenged me!
                        My heart cannot contain the emotion of the moment!
                        Tendou Akane, I will endeavor my best
                        so that I may date you!

                                RYOGA (in Akane's voice and body) but
                                speaking in masculine
                        WHA- WHA- WHAT????
                        DATE YOU?
                        YOU PERVERT!

                RYOGA (in Akane's body)
                Kneels and touches a finger to the ground.

                                RYOGA (in Akane's body and voice)
                        Ba kusai ten ketsu!
                        (Breaking point technique!)

        Nothing happens.

                                Ryouga (to himself, in his own voice)
                        Huh? Why doesn't it work?

        He tries the other index finger

                                RYOGA (in Akane's body and voice)
                        Ba kusai ten ketsu!

        He (She) tries the index fingers of with both hands at the same time.

                                RYOGA (in Akane's body and voice)
                        Ba kusai ten ketsu!

                                RYOGA (in Akane's body) to himself in his
                                own voice
                        The exploding point technique!
                        It's not working!

POV Kuno
        Sees Akane with both hands touching the ground
        "Real" View of Akane dissolves into Akane wearing a  kimono in a
        submissive bow position (jokiki?)

                        Tendou Akane,
                        My heart trembles!
                        we have not yet begun our contest,
                        But I shall accept your surrender....
                        and take you on a date now!

                RYOGA (in Akane's body)
                SHAKES visibly, fumes to blue green

                        Tendou Akane,
                        You must endeavor to tame your passions!
                        The night is still young!

                RYOGA (in Akane's body)
                Wraps fingers into a fist, and launches a right that lifts Kuno
                into low earth orbit.

        Passing over houses and streets
        Train passes underneath (Train sounds)
        pass over edge of park
        begin to zoom to an open area
        zoom closer and closer to sidewalk in open area
        View of Akane (In Ryouga's body) lying on the sidewalk
        Explosion and stars, Add a few Easter egg frames of Ranma-chan and
        "Camera" pulls back to reveal last few seconds were Kuno's reentry
        as seen from Kuno's point of view.


        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                Sits up at the intrusion

                Is balanced on his head, fingers in "Surprised" position
                He slowly tips over and ends up sitting with his legs and arms

                        Tendou Akane,
                        I KUNO TATEWAKI am defeated by the strength of your
                        Now I must return to your side to claim my prize!

                                AKANE (in Ryouga's body and voice)
                        Wha- What are you talking about?

                        I have lost a challenge by Tendou Akane, and must
                        return now to begin our date!

                                AKANE (in Ryouga's body and voice)
                        I'll never go on a date with you!

                Rocks his head back and forth, his neck cricking, stops

                        SO JUST WHO IS ASKING YOU ?!?!?!

                Jumps to his feet and addresses Akane (Ryouga) with his bokken

        AKANE (in Ryouga's body)
                Jumps to her (his) feet and stands ready to deflect the attack

                                AKANE (in Ryouga's body and voice)
                        Any time, pervert!

                Lunges forward sword outstretched

        AKANE (in Ryouga's body)
                Holds out her hand in ready position
                The end of Kuno's bokken hits the index finger of her right

                                AKANE (in Ryouga's body and voice)


        AKANE (in Ryouga's body)
                Turns her (his) head and squeezes her (his) eyes closed


                Freezes the instant it hits the finger
                A small point of light appears between the finger and the sword
                The light works its way down the edge of the sword and towards
                the tip. The sword glows brightly, beams of light emerge at odd
                angles, large explosion.

VFX: Return to Normal Speed


                Dissipates to reveal

                Still standing at ready
                his hair is blown back and colored light brown
                his bokken has been turned into a feather duster of long thin

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                Is still cringing
                Opens one eye

                Tilts his head to the left
                Some Wood Dust from the explosion slides off his head to the
                ground. He shakes his head and all of the dust comes off as a
                cloud. The cloud falls to the ground

                        But time waits for no man, not even Tatewake Kuno,
                        age 17, The Blue thunder of Furinkan high school.

        He turns to face "Ryouga"

                        I would destroy you here where you stand,
                        but for now I have to return to my date with Tendou

                Turns and runs out of the park

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
                        AKANE? (pause)
                        Hey Wait!

        AKANE (In Ryouga's body)
                Gives chase

Street Scene

        Akane (in Ryouga's Body)
                Is walking along, looking down alleys for Kuno

                                AKANE (To herself, in her own voice)
                        I could swear he was just in front of me...

        Akane (in Ryouga's Body)
                She stops in front of a store and sees her reflection

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)

        Akane (Ryouga Body)
                Turns, but no one is there. She turns back slowly and notices
                that the reflection  is of her. She moves closer to the glass
                and rubs "her" face

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
                        Eeeeaaaaa! I'M RYOUGA!
                        But How...

Flashback Dream Sequence:
        From Point of View of Akane in the bath. Slow Motion scenes of
        earlier events, each sequence ends in a freeze frame dissolving to
        Color pencil sketches of the frame.
        1) Ranma and Ryouga entering Bath
        2) Happosai Entering
        3) Ryouga Falling towards tub
        4) Bright flash (Ranma and Happosai are shielding their eyes)

Return To Akane rubbing face in store window
An out of focus face appears in the reflection , focus dissolve to Ukyou

                        Ah! Ryouga-kun,
                        I thought that was you, Long time no see!
                        You want something to eat?

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body & Voice
                        UKYOU!.....  San...

        Ukyou turns and walks down the street waving to Ryouga to follow

                        Come on Ryou-chan! It's right next door and not
                        even you could get that lost!

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body & Voice
                        Ah... Hai!

Interior of okonomiaki shop

        Ukyou is cooking an okonomiaki for "Ryouga"
        "Ryouga" picks up a glass of water and examines "his" reflection in

                        So, Ryou-chan, how are things going with Akane?

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body & voice)
                        Hm? oh.. ha ha ha, O.K., (Hand behind Head)
                        Ah, tonight I can't seem to find her house, though.

                        Poor Ryouga, Hm. I have an idea!
                        If you'll wait a bit I'll start another one for
                        Ran-chan, then I'll Walk you to the Tendous.
                        You know, when I finally marry Ran-chan,
                        AKANE-chan will become available!
                        I'll even put in a good word for you.

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body & voice)
                        RANMA's such a jerk.. What do you see in him

                        We've been engaged since we were little, you know.
                        And he is so handsome and brave

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body & voice)
                        But all he ever does is practice and eat.

                        Well, the eating's O.K., I like cooking for him.

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body & voice)
                        But what about his little problem?

                        Oh that's not so bad, anyway "she" can help out in the
                        shop sometimes. She could spell me when I have to
                        take care of the kids.

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body & voice)

                        Yup. I want one of each. I have it all planned out.

Dissolve to traditional Japanese wedding

        Ranma and Ukyou in traditional costumes

                                UKYOU (Voice over)
                        Our Wedding will be so beautiful!

        UKYOU in fancy kimono, face mostly obscured by a veil

                                UKYOU (V/O)
                        Everyone will be there

        UKYOU'S Father and Genma near front, waving celebration fans

                                UKYOU (V/O)
                        (Sigh) It will be so romantic.

        Close up of Ranma & Ukyou looking in each other's eyes.
        Out of focus flames appear behind them
        Camera Angle lifts over their heads to reveal that the flames are
        Coming from Kodachi, Shampoo and Akane, who are sitting together.
        Soun, Nabiki and Kasumi are in the row behind, and Soun is crying
        noisily into a handkerchief.

Okonomiyaki shop:
                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body and
                        Oh boy.

                        A girl's got to have dreams, you know.
        Scrubs counter
        Pauses and looks up
                        What's your dream, Ryouga?

Close up of pitcher of water with ice cubes. The ice shifts making a
tinkling sound.

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
                        Well I... I don't Know

                        I dream about Ran-chan every day. (Deep sigh...)

                                AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
                        You...  you think life with Ranma is so wonderful?
        (Ticks off point on fingers)
                        He's inconsiderate.
                        He argues all the time.
                        He never does his school work.
                        He sneaks out on his chores.
                        AND... HE EATS LIKE A PIG ! ! ! !

                        You're talking about my Ran-chan you know.

                        Cool it Ryouga.

        UKYOU Picks up the pitcher of water swings it back.

VFX Slow motion of pitcher as Ukyou swings it towards "Ryouga", the icy
water leaves the pitcher, strait towards "Ryouga's" head.

        [ Fun Fact #1 : As of the end of the Manga, and all of the
        Anime and OAVs, Rumiko Takahashi has yet to reveal Ryouga's curse
        to Ukyou... ]

End of part 3.

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