Judge Lance Ito

By curious coincidence, the verdict of the OJ trial was announced mid-morning, just before the Be presentation at Agenda. I think JLG quipped "If you think I'm nervous, just think about how OJ felt."

I don't have any images from the actual demo, but it took place on that stage. At the end of the demo, the audience gave us a standing ovation.

Fun Fact: While Agenda 95 was the first public showing, the Be website went live before the presentation. The BeBox was actually announced on the internet. That may not seem like a big deal today, but it was a little revolutionary for 1995.

Rumor has it that a Macintosh was sacrificed back at the Be HQ at the start of the presentation.

BTW, the demo almost didn't work. We'd built a new Rev of motherboard a few days before, so, of course those are what we brought. As it turns out, the 3.3V rail was unstable (Because we'd added a 'stability' cap to the linear regulator, as recomended in the data sheet) and the system would only boot about one in 10 times or so. Fortunately, the machine was stable through the demo, and the machines in the demo ballroom were fine.

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