The Handbuilt Theremin Company

San Jose, California

Model 100 with Miko
Cats can play the Theremin too, you know.
The box is Mahagany, the antennas are retractable radio replacement units from Radio Shack. Model 100 Has a built in amplifier and speaker for portable use. It also has a 1/4" output Jack for use with external equipment.
Model 100 Close Up
The Nameplate was laser printed then covered in clear plastic tape, and applied with 3M adhesive transfer tape. The shape of the box gives it a real '30s feel, and the luster of the finish (Deft) made it look like an antique from day 1.

From time to time I have been known to build theremins for friends, this entry in my page is just a way for them to find me, should their instruments ever need service. If you have an serious interest in Theremins, let me know, I may one day put one into limited production.
In the meantime Big Briar (A Robert Moog Company) makes a great one.
If your Handbuilt Theremin needs service, please drop me a little note:

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