Ninja no Himitsu
Part 5

Ninja no Himitsu
(The Ninja's Secret)

Part 5

Based on characters created by Takahashi Rumiko
Written by Joseph Palmer
Inspiration by Nikki Kim

Late evening, street outside NekoHanten

Ryouga and Akane are hiding out in an alley across from the Nekohanten.
They have a view of the front of the restraunt.

Voices are heard coming from the front door
			Hiba-chan, I take order now

			Hurry back! There's still lotts of cleaning up to do
			Be right back, delivery only 20 Kilometres away!

		SHAMPOO exits shop with delivery box, Hops on bike
		(With all appropriate bouncing...)
		and rides off.

Street scene, evening.
POV (as if camera was mounted to shampoo's bike) 
	38 cute frames of Shampoo riding her bike for the Shampoo fans)
	View zooms back to show wide angle, "Camera" Position stops, shifts
	left and  pans to follow SHAMPOO as she rides by off into the distance

	RANMA comes from between buildings into frame muttering, walking
	into the camera

			(Calling) Akane! (pause) Akane!
			You now, this is NOT how I planned to spend this evening.

	He Looks between buildings

			Why is this sort of thing ALWAYS happening to me?
			What is it with that girl today anyway?
	He walks past the "camera" down the sidewalk. (Pan to follow)
	He turns between buildings 

	Akane and Ryouga cross street from other direction into nekohaunten
				COLOGNE (Heard through door)
			Irashai! [Welcome]
	Ryouga and Akane greet her unintelegibly.
Interior view of Nekohanten

	Colonge holds the old book, flipping through pages

			Now this I haven't seen this in many, many years!

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			What?  You've seen this book before?

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			Can you tell us what it says?

			Of course I ccould, but there are some powerfull
			secrets here.
			I shouldn't be revealing them to you kids.

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			Please, you've got to help us!

			Where did you get this?

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			Happosai bought it in a used book store yesterday

			Bookstore? I wonder how it got there?

Brief Veiw of Mousse listening in from kitchen

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			What does  it matter how it got there?
			Can you help us?

Interior of Nekohaunten

			Why should I help you? 

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			We think Happosai used something from the book
			on us...

			(With great surprise) What????

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			Here! We found the book open to this page.

	Ryouga taps a post-it note sticking out of the book 

	Colonge opens to the page and begins to read

			Wo ho ho ho ho!
			Did you two share a bath recently?

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			It's not like that!

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			I slipped on some soap! Thats all!

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			Anyway, what does the book say about it?

Brief view of Shampoo returning to the back door of the Nekohaunten.
She enters and hears Ryouga and Akane talking to Colonge, She ducks
beside a doorway and listens.

			Normaly I wouldn't help you since you, since are
			engaged to my son-in-law, but I must because I am
			partly to blame for what happened.

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			How are you envolved?

			I wrote this book.

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			How could you put the instructions for 
			something so dangerous into a book?

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			PLease! You must help us!
Brief view of Ukyou walking home from the baths in a robe,
carriying her bath bowel and towel.
She hears the comotion in the Nekohanten and pauses.


			Lett's see here.
			(Reading) "The formula of exchange can be used to swap

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			Yeah, Yeah we know all THAT.

Outside Ukyou is seen hiding under a window, her head cocked listening

			Hmmph. the impatience of youth.
			Let's see here..
			It's a blue liquid...
			There are a lot of detailed instrucions for making the
			formula, some warnings about propper handling during
			the process....

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			It can be explosive!

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			That explains the mess in Happosai's room...

Outside Ranma is walking down the street, he hears the voices
Ranma stops and presses himself against the front of the store,
he cocks his hand to his ear.

			...Hmm the formula is poured into a large tub of water
			and both people get in...

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			That much we know.

			Letts see...a list of ingredients...
			I have everything here but "kaseikinomi" seeds.
			Wait, there's something added here...

	She holds the book close to her face, tilts it right and left

			It's very faint, something about Jyousenkyo....

View of Ranma, he turns startled at the word "Jyousenkyo".

			It's a warning...
			If a person when cursed...

View of shampoo listening intently.

			 ... use the formula ...

View of Mousse in kitchen, he pushes up his glasses.

			...the curse...

Ryouga (in Akane's body) leans forward straining at every word.

			...will be  transfered....

SPFX Screen splits into 4 seperate frames for (L to R)
Shampoo, Ryouga, Mousse, and Ranma.

			...even if the water is  hot... the other person.

Shampoo, Mousse, Ryouga and Ranma, each get an evil grin on their faces.

BGM Starts out heavy and ominous, changes to light "video game" style

Shampoo's frame enlarges to fill the screen, dream disolves to 

Tendou Bath 

	SD (Small body cute form) Shampoo pours formula into tub
	She turns on cold water, turns into cat, hides behind bucket
	SD Akane enters bath, gets in tub

	Shampoo Cat jumps into air above tub.

			Nyan! Nyan!


	Shampoo Cat jumps in tub
	Large flash
	Shampoo Emerges, 

ZOOM In to edge of tub

	SD Akane cat emerges sopping wet from the tub.
	[I can't wait to see what the illustrators do with that! --J.]
	SD Ranma rushes into bath

	He looks around sees Akane Cat


			Now Akane is cat! 
			Now husband take shampoo on date!

	Shampoo walks out with Ranma on her arm, 

				RANMA (quivering)
			Neko..... Neko..... Ne.........ko

Close up of Akane Cat

				AKANE Cat
			(Mornfully, with resignation)
			 Nyaan Mao !  (Ranma!)

Dream Resolve back to shampoo 

	Shampoo laughs under her breath

Shampoo's frame reduces in size, back to the Cursed group, each in their 
own frame. Shampoo turns right towards Ryouga.

BGM Ryouga's "Elephant trumpet" theme.

Ryoua's frame enlarges, dream disolve to Tendou Bath

	SD Ryouga pours formula into tub
	Turns himself into Pchan using shower
	Hides behind bucket
	SD Ranma Enters and gets in bath, 

				SD Ranma
			Ow, so hot...

	He Slides into water	
				SD Ranma
			Ah..... thats better!

	Pchan jumps into tub
	Flash of light
	SD Rouga emerges holding Ranma -Pchan by his ponytail
	Ranma -Pchan fights with SD Ryouga, gets free and turns on Shower
	SD Ranma-chan appears

				SD Ranmachan
			C- C- Cold !

	SD Ranmachan jumps into steaming tub
	Emerges as Ranma-Pchan

				SD Ryouga
			So, Ranma, who's P-Chan now?

				RANMA Pchan

Disolve to SD Ryouga and SD Akane Holding hands under SD Sun.

	Ryouga is holding Ranma Pchan under his foot.

Dream resolve to Ryouga, he laughs under his breath
Ryouga's frame reduces in size, back to the Cursed group, each in their 
own frame. He turns to Mousse.

BGM: Military drums (a la Hogan's Heros Theme)

Mousse's frame enlarges, an evil grin crosses his face.

Dream dissolve to tendou bath

	SD Ranma is sitting in the bath, looking out the window

Exterior overhead view of Nerima

	SD MuMu flys into veiw wearing bomber goggles and a leather cap,
	he's holding a vial of formula with bomb fins in his feet.
	He pivots on one wing and begins a dive bombing run.
SFX: Diving Airplane sound.	

MuMu Eye view of Tendou Home

	MuMu lines up the bath window and lets the vial go. 
	He pulls up unto a 360 degree loop to give his "Bomb" time to reach
	its targer, then he follows the vial.

Vial eye view of falling towards house, passing through the window
entering the tub.

SFX: Minor splash

Underwater veiw of fins falling off the vial, the blue formula mixing
with the water

Veiw of SD Ranma in tub

				SD Ranma
			Huh? What was that?

	SD Mumu flies through window into the tub, splashing ranma with
	a huge wave of water. While the wave is in the air, a bright
	flash occurs.

	Mousse emerges from tub, Ranma-duck is seen Paddling on the surface.

Dream dissolve to SD nekohaunten

	SD Mousse is sitting at table
	SD Shampoo appears carrying large serving platter with cover

				SD Shampoo
			Mousse defeat Stupid Ranma duck again!
			I make favorite dish!

	She opens the lid, a cooked Ranma Duck is under the cover.

Dream resolve to Mousse, he chuckles evily

Mousse's frame reduces in size, back to the Cursed group, each in their 
own frame. He turns to Ranma.

BGM: Panda theme from first series

Ranma's Frame grows to fill the screen
	He frowns, scratches his head thinking a moment then smacks his
	closed right hand into his open upturned left hand
	(Note, he does this in the Manga to signify that he has 
	an idea)

Dream dissolve to tendou backyard

	SD Ranma and SD Genma are fighting, they end up in pond
	SD Ranmachan and SD Panda emerge from pond

				SDRanma (In high pitched SD Voice)
			Com'on Pop, Lets change back before breakfast!

				SD Panda 
			(Sign) O.K.

Tendou Bath

	SD Panda enters tub overflowing the sides
	SD Ranma-chan undresses and pretends to wash
	She pulls a vial out of the towel wrapped around her waist

				SD Ranma-Chan
			Hey Pop! Look! Godzilla!
	She points out the window)
				SD Genma
			Where? Where?
	SD Genma looks out window
	SD Ranma-chan pours vial into the bath

				SD Ranma-Chan
			Hey Pop, about that training trip to jyousenkyo...

				SD Genma

				SD Ranma-Chan
			You know this girl curse

				SD Genma
			(Beat) Yeah...

				SD Ranma Chan
			How about you being the girl for a while?

	SD Ranmachan Jumps into the air above the tub
	She holds her nose and plunges in cannonball style
	A  huge wave covers Genma
	Bright Flash
	The water receids revealing SD Genma -Chan

				SD Ranma
			He he! Looks like I've got two moms now!
			See you at breakfast- MOM!

Dream resolve to Ranma
	A  sly grin comes over his face

			Heh Heh Heh...

Ranma's frame shrinks revealing the other frames.
They all smile and laugh ominously.

			Shimata! The seeds!
Interior view of Nekohanten

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			What's wrong?

			They're from a bush that only grows in china.

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			Oh boy... not another trip to China.
			There's no point, the bush is extinct.
			The shogun had them all burned.

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			But... Happosai has some.

				RYOGA (In Akane's body and voice )
			We've got to go back and get those seeds.

				AKANE (In Ryouga's body and voice)
			Lets Go!
	Ryouga and Akane run from Nekohanten.
Exterior veiw of NekoHanten

	Ranma Picks up discarded newspaper and hides behind it as
	Akane And Ryouga run out.
	Ranma jumps onto the roof and makes off for home.
View of Ranma running and jumping rooftop to rooftop

			Here's my chance to get rid of my curse and 
			get even with pop ...
End of Part 5

H E L P !

I'm having a bit of touble with the story line here and I'd like some ideas from any of you about how to finish this mess.

Read my plea for help.

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