Ninja no Himitsu

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[ A Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction ]

H E L P !

I'm having a bit of touble with the story line here and I'd like some ideas from any of you about how to finish this mess. Our story so far: Part 1: Ranma and the Tendou daughters spend an afternoon in a bookstore. Happosai makes a purchase of a antique Martial arts book "The secrets of the Ninja." This is the opening sequence that happens before the credits. Part 2: Opening Credits, Then Happosai Creates 3 vials of the formula of exchange, he uses 1 to try to swap bodies with Akane, but instaid Ryoga and Akane swap. Akane chases Ranma all over Tokyo, and is lost (Dang that Hibiki direction curse!) Ryoga awakes in Akane's room. Part 3: Akane discovers her new body, Ryoga takes to the street, just in time meet up with Kuno. Kuno re-enters near Akane in the park. Akane follows him and ends up at U-chan's. Akane and Uchan argue and a pitcher of water is launched. Part 4: Akane (In Ryoga's body) carries P-chan home. Ranma arrives and is surprised by what he sees. He brings "Ryoga" and P-chan home, the must head off to find Akane. PChan changes back in the tub (Poor Soun!) and they recover the book from Happosai's disheveled room. They discover it is in Chinese.

"Nope, I have no ideas, send me back to the story"!
Now here's where I need help, There will be the obligitory chase scene with the entire cast making cameo apperances. (Since there is NO chance of this sucker ever being produced as a REAL OAV, I'm not worried about paying the voice actors) Questions: 1> In the end Ranma must give up the last vial of formula to restore Akane, What should I do with the other? There needs to be 3 from the start, because if there were only ever 2 everyone knows that It must be used in the end to save Akane. I think the middle one is critical for tension in the story, in that It "might" get used by one of the cursed group. Now how should I use it? 2> About the seeds and formulas. How can I get Ranma and the others to go after happosai for the the seeds, then the vials wihout reveialing that Akane and Ryouga have swapped? 3> How can I make Colonge feel more guilty about the book? Please, Ideas and comments are desperatly required.

"O.K, I'll Think about it while I read Part 5"

Ninja No Himitsu 1995 Joseph Palmer

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