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1999 History

March 10, 1999

Not much new

Not much new, I just got tired of waiting for that 3D .jpg to download. I'll probably add it to a new 3D page along with some 3d Shots I got of the Grand Canyon.

[Update: I never did find any food Grand Canyon Pairs.]

March 11, 1999

After Black

After Black, A new short story exploring the events of that evening..... The good news is I am writing agan. The bad news? Well this short story seems like it wanted to come out before I got back into "Yellow".

March 23, 1999

Writer's Resources

Writer's Resources This is a hand-out I put together for the March 20, 1999, Fanimecon Fanfic Panel. (Revision 1)

April 14, 1999

Featured Fanfic Links

I'm very picky about fanfictions that I read for my own enjoyment. The thing that draws me to a any story is the interaction of the characters, and the thing that draws me to a particular Fanfiction is when the author explores those characters in a way that paradoxically enlarges them, while remaining true to the nature of the original series.

The first of the stories I'm featuring is Nabiki - New Horizons by Greg Sandborn. This ongoing serial drew me in from the first chapter with terrific depictions of real life in Japan. Sandborn-san has really done his cultural research, and has woven it into an engaging story. If you're looking for a good read, check out Nabiki - New Horizons. Read Chapter 1, I guarantee you'll like it, or double your money back!

As I add more links I'll add a separate page, but for now there's plenty to read In Nabiki - New Horizons.

I'm seeing a lot of hits from some BeOS related sites in Japan, Welcome! If you liked the BeBox, please visit VideoS2 My new company. Now that the BeOS runs on x86 hardware, it's time to connect it to real media!

[Update: VS2 was a miserable flop, but I really learned a lot.]

Mariko Tanaka Animated GIF

I've been sketching again. Mariko Tanaka Animated GIF. It's my first animation! 50kB

[Update: this was a link in '99 - I've dropped it inline in 2004 because of better broadband penetration.]






April 18

I've re-designed this page to bring the site index into view on small screens.

June 13, 1999

Yellow Part 4

Yes, the long awaited sequel to part 3 finaly out. Well, at least a draft of it. Sorry about the delay. Won't happen again.

[1999 UPDATE! I've re-formatted the whole story into CSS, and added chapter links at the top of the page, Part four is now called... Chapter 4. Oh yeah, you can find it http://www.josephpalmer.com/fanfic/colors/Yellow.shtml#Part4 ">here.

July 23, 1999

Red The MP3

Go to the fanfic page...

[2004 update: The audio verson of Red is avialable in both mp3 (2.92MB) and Real Audio (1.46MB) formats.)

September 6, 1999

After Black took Best Overall Fanfic!

After Black took first place in the Animefest Fanfic Contest. I'm very excited about this, since this was a 'judged' contest, and each of the judges had to read all of the 60 entries, and all the winning entries were printed in the AnimeFEST convention program.

October 11, 1999

Winter in Spanish

Invierno a Spanish Language translation of my Story "Winter". Many thanks to Guillermo Riquelme Valenzuela for his work on this!

October 12, 1999

The return of the View from Here

I want a Mouse With Two Balls. A complaint about the state of input devices.

October 13, 1999


This page has been re-cast in XHTML, a new form of HTML that is cleaner, but more strict. By cleaning up the source code, XHTML allows for simpler browsers (think hand-helds, set-top-boxes etc...). This article in Web Review is a good overview of what XHTML is, and why we should use it.

But according to some estimates cited by the W3C, by 2002, 75 percent of web document viewing will be through non-desktop devices like palm computers, televisions, toasters, and other alternative platforms, not through browsers on PCs. -- Webreview

Over the next few weeks I'll be doing all of the fanfictions in XHTML.

November 4, 1999

Spring in Spanish

Primavera is a Spanish Language translation of my Story "Spring". Thanks again to Guillermo Riquelme Valenzuela.

November 15, 1999

How did I get here?

Back Links I went through a couple of my hit logs and extracted the 'http-referer' to find out where people come from when they come to my web site. It's mostly right, but sometimes the browser hides the link page so the hit counts aren't always perfect, but you can see which pages folks use to find their way here. (So if your link list isn't listed, drop me a line and I'll add your page.) Note: I've deleted the local links (From within my own site) and the search engine entries, and links for non-Ranma content. Many of the sites are marked as "Links with Comments". These pages are a great resource to find stories that others have read and enjoyed.

[2004 update: Sorry, but many of the sites have link-rotted, and it doesn't help that those that are still alive often point to my old URL.]

November 16, 1999

Get your Wu-Tang Clan Name

You too can find your clan name. According to this I'm Father Webmaster. Right. Wasup?

November 28, 1999

Life after Rap

I'd almost given up on music. There's been nearly nothing that has caught my ear in the last few years, and now, from an unexpected source, comes a rare gem.

The Red Elvises make music the old fasioned way. They take from their roots (In this case 3/4 Russian) and add it to That Which We Call "Rock and Roll". The result is fresh, and inocent, and nostalgic, and funny.

November 28

Interview in BeNews

I've been Interviewed in BeNews!

[2004 update: BeNews is no more, but there is a Russian BeNews, and a LiveJournal BeNews, and a BeGeistert]

December 4

Summer in Spanish

Verano is a Spanish Language translation of my Story "Summer". Thanks a third time to Guillermo Riquelme Valenzuela.

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