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1998 History

January 29, 1998

This page has been Validated as HTML 4.0 Transitional.

I've been working on the formats of my fanfictions to bring them into HTML 4.0, and to make them veiwable by the largest number of browsers (Yes, including Lynx!)

At some point I will transition to full Style Sheets, but in the meantime I'm really happy with the way the new formats look.

HEY! Did you know that you can indent paragraphs by using a couple of   'no-break-space' characters in place of a tab?

I was searching the web for examples of fiction published in HTML, you know, with paragraphs indented like this one here, and I finaly found a CCS example with indented paragraphs. The funny thing is, they didn't use CSS to make the indents, they used the   character. Go figure.

[2004 update: I'm now up to XHTML Strict - which I find easier to code than vanilla HTML.]

Febuary 18, 1998


This Majyorika-kun (behind the keyboard) and Namako sketch courtesy of Hirotatsu Fujiwara, programer and manga artist from Japan. You'll find more of his works linked to his homepage. (Best viewed with a browser that can diplay Kanji) Domo arigato gozaimasu!

[2004 update: I'm still hoping to find the original to re-scan it, (That scan was done on a fax machine.) but no luck so far. That's Fujiwara-sensi's new website - the 1998 URL was 401]

March 1, 1999


Come see the all new, 1998 Guestbook

I've written a script that lets me add a response to your guestbook comments, and I promise to promptly answer questions left there!

[2004 update: No. I never did get arround to answering many comments. Gomen]

April 24, 1999

Writers Notebook:

Finally, Part 3 of Yellow a new Ranma 1/2 fanfic (Make sure you've read parts 1 & 2 first.)

June 1, 1998

A brief tour of Nerima

I finally did some scans of photos I took in Japan. You've seen the cartoons, now have a look at the real Nerima.

July 7,1998

New Scanner

Mariko Tanaka

I've bought a new Umax 1220P Scanner, so I'm playing around scanning a few things in, and testing my drawing skills again. Visit my Fanfic Page to see a picture of Mariko Tanaka, from "Yellow"

I've changed the layout of this page to make it more compact, and since I never got around to doing a good job on a links page, so I've removed it.

August 13,1998

Nerima Street Scene


I was looking though some of my pictures from Japan, and I came across a couple of shoots that I'd taken as "Bracketed" exposures, or, different exposure settings. It just happens that I'd moved a little between the exposures, generating a stereo pair.

How to view

You remember those 3D image books? Same thing here. Just cross your eyes and relax untill the images come into focus. I find it easiest to look at the lamps when I do this.

Oh yeah, it works best if you are lined up with the screen, and your eyes are level.

BTW, I did need to remove a guy who moved, and copied another guy the same to both frames, and I had to mess with the awning a bit.

One day I plan to build a frame to hold my two Nikon Fs so I can take simultanious stereo images. Yeah, right. Like I have spare time.

October 30, 1998

Paper Airplane

I've put up a page describing wow to make my favorie paper airplane.

No joke, this is a really fine design and I thought I'd share it with everyone.

[2004 update: The Paper Airplanes have become a great hit, and are now by far the most popular part of my website.

November 22, 1998


I've Added another plane to my designs. this one is a Gull Wing It's a tiny bit harder to make, but it's really reliable and robust.

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